The Snowy Dreamer – Prolouge

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The stone warriors clattered past the stone cell, destroying two of the bars in the process. The person inside was jolted awake. It was six in the morning and she was tired. She glanced around and shot up. The bars were broken! At that moment, she knew that there was no better chance to escape than now. She slid through the space with ease and tiptoed to the door. Making sure that nobody was on the other side, she gently slid it open.

It creaked loudly as the door swung open. She flinched, expecting people to yell and try to stop her attempted escape. After two seconds, she looked up. There was nobody there, or in fact anywhere nearby. She briefly wondered why and then shook the thought off. Right now she had to concentrate solely on escaping. She hurried to the exit.

Outside, there were some stone warriors milling about. She sighted some boats near the water and thought, “If I can get there, I can escape.” Silently hoping that the guards wouldn’t notice a light blue blob against the black building, she slunk quietly across the wall.

She had no such luck. When she was halfway across, a guard finally noticed her and gave a great big shout. They all started rushing towards her, with the intention of capturing her. She sprinted. As she sprinted, she remembered what she had suffered here.

The way she was treated was like a slave, heck she probably was one. How they took advantage of her elemental powers, and placed that dratted curse on her. She silently arrived at the boats and leaped into one.

Then she knew that she made a mistake. The boats needed a key to start. She silently scolded herself. She glanced over at the guards, who were rapidly approaching. She looked over at the water. It was now or never.

She glanced over at the water and channeled her power at it. The water instantly froze. She ran across the water, her feet freezing the water for a road for her to cross. She knew that the stone guards were too heavy for the ice. Behind her, she heard a satisfying crack.

Welp,” she thought to herself, “I won’t be seeing those knuckleheads for a while.”

She sighted a small island some ways away from her and set her sights there. She had no intention of getting captured again.

“Now…. I just have to reach it and set up a barrier before she notices I’m out of that place”

A/N cause why not

Hey people! Alice here! I’ve decided to move my story from wattpad over to here for no apparent reason. I guess it’s just that I want more people to see it. Feel free to comment any criticism or other things, I don’t really care, I’ll just be too overjoyed that someone took the time to comment in the first place. Peace Out!



Author: dreamerofdays

I'm a person from the wonderful land of Canada Eh? Why to people think we say Eh anyways? Watever. Anyways, I'm a carefree person even though I strive to get good grades. I want to have friends but I'm the type that wants to have all the attention. I have secrets like everyone, but I tell no one. If I tell a lie, you won't be able to tell. I am a helpless person who bounces around on emotions. Good or Bad, I don't know. You judge me yourself by what I write and how I write.

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