The Snowy Dreamer -Chapter 3- A Purple Table

(- Chapter 2                                                                                                                                 Chapter 4 -)

Like I said from the point of view of the ninja. There not much to say though so this is gonna be shorter… but now look, it’s longer. And there’s gunna be a second chapter *sigh
The ninja were called in one day to Sensei Wu’s room. As they waited, the ninja all observed the smooth purplish table that they were sitting down at.

The stone table was lilac in color and had engravings of different types of flowers on the top. In the middle, there was a hollow circular hole just big enough so that you could drop a pencil through it.

“Hey, this table wasn’t purple before right guys? I’m not just hallucinating, right? right?” Jay panicked, looking frantically around.

“Yes, this is certainly a new addition to the room,” Zane observed carefully.

“Look, guys, there is some writing underneath this part.” Cole said, trying to read the upside down text.

Sensei Wu chose this exact moment to stroll into the room. “I see you discovered the lilac stone table.” He said casually.

“Like it was hard to miss,” Kai muttered under his breath, ” Its a freaking PURPLE table for goodness sake.”

“I’ve called you all here to discuss this table. if you haven’t noticed, this table was not purple yesterday, but yet, today its purple today.”


Sensei Wu shot a glare at kai, ” Like I was saying, this- WHAT on EARTH are you doing Cole??!!”

Cole at this moment was almost on his head, trying to read the words under the table. When he heard Sensei Wu thunder out his name, he was so surprised that he tumbled backwards. He immediately sat up at apologized, “Sorry Sensei, I was trying to read the words that were underneath the table.”

At this Sensei Wu immediately hurried over to Cole, “Wait, did you just say words under the table? Please move over to let me see.”

Sensei Wu flipped the table over and voilà! There were the grey words, written in cursive. It seemed to shimmer ever so often.

“Keys are not necessary, when flowers bloom
The chrysanthemum meaning truth will open it soon”

“Chrysanthemum meaning truth? When flowers bloom? Wazzat?” Jay groaned as he flopped on his back, exasperated, “Why do we have figure this out anyway? It’s just a purple table!”

Sensei Wu sighed, “I got interrupted before I could tell you. This table was given to me by a prophet 10 years ago. He said to find the prophecy when the table is different. The prophecy it will tell you  is about a crucial key to one of the Overlord’s plan.”

“Well,” said Kai thoughtfully, “If it’s flowers you need, you might as well get Nya, she’s a girl and girls are supposed to know about flowers right?”

Jay leapt up enthusiastically and yelled, “I’ll go get her!” And raced off. After a moment, he came back and asked, “where’s Nya again?”

Zane looked at Jay and said, “I believe that at this moment, she is on the deck. But-” but at that moment, as soon as Zane said deck, Jay raced off. Zane looked at Kai and continued, “but doesn’t Nya hate being categorized and stereotyped?”

“Yup,” Kai said, stifling an evil grin, “and that’s exactly why I didn’t stop  Jay.”

“Oh you evil, evil bastard,” Cole chuckled. “I think I can hear Nya lecturing him now.” The voices in the distance grew louder and clearer.

“-kes you think that JUST BECAUSE I’m a GIRL I know EVERYTHING about makeup and jewelry and clothes? You thi-” As they rounded the corner, Kai could see his sister getting pissed off at Jay.

“Nya,” Sensei Wu calmly, ” Do not get mad at Jay, Kai was the one who suggested it.” At these words, Nya turned toward Kai and gave him a bone-chilling glare. “But before you get mad at him, can you tell us anything about ‘chrysanthemum meaning truth?'”

Nya stopped in place and plopped down at an empty spot on the table. “Well, I don’t actually know about chrysanthemums meaning truth, but I know that a yellow rose means friendship, an iris means inspiration, and a red chrysanthemum means sharing. So it must be a color of chrysanthemum that we’re looking for.”

“See, Nya you do know about flowers lik-” Kai stopped mid-sentence when he saw Nya glaring daggers at him.

“What do we doooooo?” Jay despaired, “There are millions of colors and you expect us to single one out?”

“Yes, I do.” Sensei Wu said gruffly, “Now Nya, please set the ships course to Ninjago city, We have to visit the Library”

Flowers galore!!

Sorry everyone for that lack of updates, I promised you this chapter and I didn’t know what to do for it. But it’s finally up!

The endings a bit blah but where else would I end it anyways. It all conversation too……

Finally had 41 ppl read this. Thank you everyone! For reading this story. Feel free to comment and drop a vote if you liked it. Also put feedback please

Alice’s blabbing time (feel free to skip this)
I had a hard time thinking about whether or not the ninja had internet and if they could search the answer up>_< but…. Then I remembered that there is something called a library. Ugh. Oh well. I think the table is made of marble or something. Also I’m trying to draw Eira but kinda failing….. Oh well.


Author: dreamerofdays

I'm a person from the wonderful land of Canada Eh? Why to people think we say Eh anyways? Watever. Anyways, I'm a carefree person even though I strive to get good grades. I want to have friends but I'm the type that wants to have all the attention. I have secrets like everyone, but I tell no one. If I tell a lie, you won't be able to tell. I am a helpless person who bounces around on emotions. Good or Bad, I don't know. You judge me yourself by what I write and how I write.

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