Weekly Photo Challange – The Cherry On Top

This week’s Weekly photo challenge is The Cherry on Top.

So my day was fabulous from a refreshing sleep to hiking in the woods to curling up with a good book. But what I think takes the cake is the fact that the sky was clear. I went outside and laid down on the grass. Even though I live in an urban place, the stars shone bright and the moon was very… glowy. It was perfect. A moment of silence and stillness in the otherwise busy rush of my life. Just letting the moment live itself and no voices to yell at me and such. I took the picture from inside because sadly my camera can’t take a picture of the night.

So the usual, tell me if you have any tips for taking pictures and such, any criticism is welcome here.


Author: dreamerofdays

I'm a person from the wonderful land of Canada Eh? Why to people think we say Eh anyways? Watever. Anyways, I'm a carefree person even though I strive to get good grades. I want to have friends but I'm the type that wants to have all the attention. I have secrets like everyone, but I tell no one. If I tell a lie, you won't be able to tell. I am a helpless person who bounces around on emotions. Good or Bad, I don't know. You judge me yourself by what I write and how I write.

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