WPC – Rare

This week’s weekly photo challenge is Rare (August 25th, 2016)

So you know,

I found out I like barbecuing stuff. Ever since my family went out and I tried Barbecuing, I loved it. And so, for some reason, in this week, we had 3 straight days of where I had to put the barbecue out and cook something. This was something rare to my family. We usually use the grill once a month in the summer and that’s usually during camping trips.

What’s also rare is me and my little brother getting along. He’s really annoying and I can’t stand him at all.

So, there’s not much to say about this topic, but hope you enjoyed it and come back for more, (I should really start posting these things on a non-Thursday day… I forgot to post it… Oops)

So. A question. Do you have a sibling? If so, younger or older and if you get along with them. If you don’t have a sibling, would you like one?

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WPC – Fun!

This week’s weekly photo challenge is Fun! (August 17th, 2016)

The idea of Fun can be different for all people but for me, fun is usually composed of staying inside and curling up with a good book.

But this week, my mom dragged me outside and we went hiking on Mt.Baker. It was tiring to say the least. Like my other posts suggest, I’m an indoor person, and hiking is not really my slice of cake. But I can truly say that this was fun. Spending time with family, the wonderful views, and don’t forget the snow!

Maybe someday we can go out there again, to the (kinda) wilderness and have some old fashioned family bonding.

But not anytime soon though. After hiking from 2-7, My legs are pretty worn out to say the least, and I didn’t even have the proper shoes for this trip. Next weekend (or even next, next weekend) I’m just going to sit at home and (attempt) to read this french comic book.

So fun could be in all sorts of things, hiking, reading, dancing, camping, it’s really your choice what to enjoy.

So someday soon I implore (first time I used this word) you to get out there and do something different. If you’re an outdoorsy person, sit down and enjoy a good novel or two. If you’re an indoor person, get out there and go take a hike (or just walk around outside). Do something you don’t usually do, just for the sake of it. Oh ya, Just saying, don’t do anything dangerous even though I said  “Do something you don’t usually do”

A question for you all, “What type of person are you, and what do you enjoy doing?”

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WPC- Morning

This week’s weekly photo challenge is Morning (August 11 2016)

So I took a picture of my bedside table. Since I’m more of a late owl than an early bird, my mornings are usually afternoons.

I stay up late at night to read books. Once at 2:00 in the morning I cleaned up my room because I wasn’t really tired.

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WPC – Narrow

This week’s Weekly Photo Challange is Narrow. (August 3 2016)

So this weekend we went caving and I thought, What says ‘narrow’ more than caving? Well, a lot of things actually. The caves were actually pretty spacious but in some areas, (shown in the picture above) it can be a pretty tight squeeze.

I used my phone camera cause I thought that bringing my camera would be really inconvenient.

So like usual, tell me if you have any tips or tricks to taking pictures. Like, Comment, and Follow. Criticism is always welcome here

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A Snowy Dreamer – Chapter 4 – Vipurees

(- Chapter 3

After 10 minutes of Nya lecturing Kai and 40 minutes of doing stuff, the Destiny’s Bounty arrived at Ninjago city.

Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane walked off the ship. Nya, and Sensei Wu were left behind to guard the ship and to guide them.

While walking towards the city, Jay said jokingly, “wouldn’t it be strange if giant spiders came out of nowhere and started attacking everyone?”

Cole shivered, “Don’t kid about that. I dislike spiders!”

Zane looked at Cole curiously, “By the way you’re acting, I would suggest you have a fear of spiders.”

“Pfft,” Cole chuckled nervously, “I’m not afraid of spiders, who would be afraid of those creepy eight-legged freaks.”

Kai nudges Jay with a smile, “he definitely is scared of spiders,”

“Am not!” Cole yelled, “I am NOT scared of those……things!”

Before anyone could reply to Cole’s comment, Nya’s voice crackled through the earpiece everyone was wearing. “Hey, sorry to interrupt your girl talk but we have a book to find. The library is directly north of you. Get going guys.”

The ninja immediately made a beeline to the central library. The city was bustling with activity more than usual so it took some time for them to get there.

The central library was a big glass dome shaped building. Inside, there were 5 floors, each with books on the 2 subjects that the floor was based on. Outside, there was a magnificent water fountain full of pennies and people’s wishes. People of all ages were constantly streaming in and out of the building.

Jay stared at the fountain, imagining how much money he could make if he gathered all the pennies.

“Forget it Jay.” Cole said, placing his hand on Jay’s shoulder. “People’s wishes are in there.”

Jay nodded and followed Cole up the big fancy stairs and into the library, but before he stepped in, he saw, out of the corner of his eye, a flickering flame. “Hey guys, is it just me or is that building burning?”

The rest of the ninja immediately turned their heads and saw the flames, Kai stopped and ran out, “Guys, come on! We need to help them!” The ninja nodded and followed Kai without hesitation.

When they grew closer, they could see that a house was on fire. Kai could sense that someone was still inside. They leapt into the fire as they reached it.

Zane and Cole made sure that the fire didn’t spread to the surrounding buildings and Jay and Kai looked around for trapped survivors.

Kai’s POV?

Kai ran threw the burning building, dodging pieces of debris as he went. The building was a three story building. He ran across a fire, without even flinching, towards the bathroom, where he assumed that people would be. (he didn’t feel the heat as much as the other than just because he was the fire ninja and therefore had a higher resistance to heat.)

As he was going towards the bathroom, Kai heard a crash coming from what he assumed it was a kitchen. He immediately veered towards it. When he went in, Kai saw a blonde teen standing in the middle of the room with a strange semi-circle of purple flames surrounding her. There was a pan on the floor and that what he assumed the noise came from. As the flickering fire grew closer, she backed up, not wanting to get burned, but she ran into a wall.

The circle of fire grew closer and closer until “Ninjaaaaa goooo!” Kai spinjizued into the fire, picked her up and went out. He stopped and let the teen down.

“Thanks for helping me.” The girl looked up at Kai and he was immediately entranced in her eyes. Her eyes were like the ocean, very deep and you couldn’t see the bottom, and yet unlike the ocean, they were a bright icy blue…. and were those flicks of emerald green in-between?

“My name is Chloe, you must be Kai, right?” Chloe smiled softly then she looked around. “Anyways no time for chatter, we got to get out before this house burns down.”

Kai snapped out of his trance and nodded. “K, follow me.” He weaved through the flames grasping her hand, leading her. After no time at all they were out of the burning house. And just in time too because as soon as Chloe stepped out, the building collapsed on itself.

Third person?

Kai and Chloe ran out of the building, hand in hand. “Oooo,” Jay said in a sing-song voice, “looks like Kai got a girlfriend.”

Kai blushed and let go of Chloe’s hand. “No-oo-o I don’t-t…” Kai stuttered. Chloe chuckled a bit at his reaction  and kissed Kai on the cheek.

Kai flared up like a match and asked, “What was that for?”

Chloe giggled and replied, “for saving me from that fire silly, what else?”

Cole cut in and said, “Hey guys, sorry to interrupt your flirting, but we have somewhere to be.”

Chloe tensed up and looked at Kai, “sorry, but I also have somewhere to be right now. Catch ya later Kai.” Chloe hurried away urgently, throwing a wave back in their direction.

Zane spoke up, heading back toward the library, “We better get going too, the firemen have control now. We already wasted too much time on this.”

They follow the road back, Jay and Cole teasing Kai along the way.

“Hey guys,” Nya’s voice echoed through the earpiece, “for some reason there’s a group of people just in front of the library. You guys should check it out.”

Jay nodded, “On it Nya.” He relayed back. The others sprinted over to the library.

When they reached the crowd, Cole put his hand on the shoulder of a random person and asked, “Hey, do you know what’s going on here?”

The teenage girl turned around, her brown hair swinging behind her, and said, “I think there’s a group of people who are for some strange reason, takimg out all of the flower related books and dumping them in the fountain or something.” She said nonchalantly while checking her be perfectly manicured nails, “BTW name’s Emily, call meh.”

“What?!” Kai exclaimed completely ignoring the last part. He pushed his way to the front of the crowd and spied a group of about 20 people just dumping books in the fountain.

“Hey hey!” Jay shouted, coming up behind Kai, “What the HECK do you think you’re doing??”

One of the people smiled sweetly at him “Why we’re only getting rid of some things that you need. Why else would we burn these books?”

Zane looked at the people curiously, “By burning, do you mean setting on fire? Because tossing them in the water would have the negative effect intended.”

Another voice called out from the crowd, “Well dah-ling, it’s lucky that this isn’t  water right?” The crowd parted to let through…

“Chloe!??” The ninja exclaimed as the blonde teen sashayed her way to the front of the fountain.

“Yes, Chloe is what I’m called here.” She replied smoothly, pointing your finger at the Ninja.

Guy stepped forward to argue with you but stop short when you heard a sickening crack around him, and in Zane’s case, a clang.

“Wa?” Kai looked backwards and saw his friends laid down on the hard ground, unconscious, and some civilians standing above them with baseball bats.

“Hey!” Kai spun around angrily and glared at the civilian behind him, innocently also holding a baseball bat. “You can’t do that! And why would you?! You are all civilians of the city!”

“Oh honey, we never said that we were civilians, let alone human,” The sugar sweet voice grew closer until it was right behind him. “Anyways, you should never turn your back on an enemy dah-ling.”

At these words I felt something hold slide and place itself along his throat. The cold metal prickled against his skin. “A knife…” He hissed under his breath.

“Now, you see, what can you trust, if there was nothing there?” She whispered into Kai’s ear.

Kai stared wide-eyed as the crowd disappeared Into thin air, “So… There was nothing there in the first place?” He said flabbergasted.

Yep! Chloe chirped, “It was all an illusion. Oops! we’re out of time, good night Kai, sweet dreams.”

The last sentence was accompanied by a sharp jab to the gut. Kai doubled over and fell to the ground, the knife no longer there. As his consciousness fell, he heard Chloe say, “Let’s start the bonfire Vipurees, The Dark Lord will be pleased with us.”

Then all was black.

Weekly Photo Challange – The Cherry On Top

This week’s Weekly photo challenge is The Cherry on Top.

So my day was fabulous from a refreshing sleep to hiking in the woods to curling up with a good book. But what I think takes the cake is the fact that the sky was clear. I went outside and laid down on the grass. Even though I live in an urban place, the stars shone bright and the moon was very… glowy. It was perfect. A moment of silence and stillness in the otherwise busy rush of my life. Just letting the moment live itself and no voices to yell at me and such. I took the picture from inside because sadly my camera can’t take a picture of the night.

So the usual, tell me if you have any tips for taking pictures and such, any criticism is welcome here.

The Snowy Dreamer -Chapter 3- A Purple Table

(- Chapter 2                                                                                                                                 Chapter 4 -)

Like I said from the point of view of the ninja. There not much to say though so this is gonna be shorter… but now look, it’s longer. And there’s gunna be a second chapter *sigh
The ninja were called in one day to Sensei Wu’s room. As they waited, the ninja all observed the smooth purplish table that they were sitting down at.

The stone table was lilac in color and had engravings of different types of flowers on the top. In the middle, there was a hollow circular hole just big enough so that you could drop a pencil through it.

“Hey, this table wasn’t purple before right guys? I’m not just hallucinating, right? right?” Jay panicked, looking frantically around.

“Yes, this is certainly a new addition to the room,” Zane observed carefully.

“Look, guys, there is some writing underneath this part.” Cole said, trying to read the upside down text.

Sensei Wu chose this exact moment to stroll into the room. “I see you discovered the lilac stone table.” He said casually.

“Like it was hard to miss,” Kai muttered under his breath, ” Its a freaking PURPLE table for goodness sake.”

“I’ve called you all here to discuss this table. if you haven’t noticed, this table was not purple yesterday, but yet, today its purple today.”


Sensei Wu shot a glare at kai, ” Like I was saying, this- WHAT on EARTH are you doing Cole??!!”

Cole at this moment was almost on his head, trying to read the words under the table. When he heard Sensei Wu thunder out his name, he was so surprised that he tumbled backwards. He immediately sat up at apologized, “Sorry Sensei, I was trying to read the words that were underneath the table.”

At this Sensei Wu immediately hurried over to Cole, “Wait, did you just say words under the table? Please move over to let me see.”

Sensei Wu flipped the table over and voilà! There were the grey words, written in cursive. It seemed to shimmer ever so often.

“Keys are not necessary, when flowers bloom
The chrysanthemum meaning truth will open it soon”

“Chrysanthemum meaning truth? When flowers bloom? Wazzat?” Jay groaned as he flopped on his back, exasperated, “Why do we have figure this out anyway? It’s just a purple table!”

Sensei Wu sighed, “I got interrupted before I could tell you. This table was given to me by a prophet 10 years ago. He said to find the prophecy when the table is different. The prophecy it will tell you  is about a crucial key to one of the Overlord’s plan.”

“Well,” said Kai thoughtfully, “If it’s flowers you need, you might as well get Nya, she’s a girl and girls are supposed to know about flowers right?”

Jay leapt up enthusiastically and yelled, “I’ll go get her!” And raced off. After a moment, he came back and asked, “where’s Nya again?”

Zane looked at Jay and said, “I believe that at this moment, she is on the deck. But-” but at that moment, as soon as Zane said deck, Jay raced off. Zane looked at Kai and continued, “but doesn’t Nya hate being categorized and stereotyped?”

“Yup,” Kai said, stifling an evil grin, “and that’s exactly why I didn’t stop  Jay.”

“Oh you evil, evil bastard,” Cole chuckled. “I think I can hear Nya lecturing him now.” The voices in the distance grew louder and clearer.

“-kes you think that JUST BECAUSE I’m a GIRL I know EVERYTHING about makeup and jewelry and clothes? You thi-” As they rounded the corner, Kai could see his sister getting pissed off at Jay.

“Nya,” Sensei Wu calmly, ” Do not get mad at Jay, Kai was the one who suggested it.” At these words, Nya turned toward Kai and gave him a bone-chilling glare. “But before you get mad at him, can you tell us anything about ‘chrysanthemum meaning truth?'”

Nya stopped in place and plopped down at an empty spot on the table. “Well, I don’t actually know about chrysanthemums meaning truth, but I know that a yellow rose means friendship, an iris means inspiration, and a red chrysanthemum means sharing. So it must be a color of chrysanthemum that we’re looking for.”

“See, Nya you do know about flowers lik-” Kai stopped mid-sentence when he saw Nya glaring daggers at him.

“What do we doooooo?” Jay despaired, “There are millions of colors and you expect us to single one out?”

“Yes, I do.” Sensei Wu said gruffly, “Now Nya, please set the ships course to Ninjago city, We have to visit the Library”

Flowers galore!!

Sorry everyone for that lack of updates, I promised you this chapter and I didn’t know what to do for it. But it’s finally up!

The endings a bit blah but where else would I end it anyways. It all conversation too……

Finally had 41 ppl read this. Thank you everyone! For reading this story. Feel free to comment and drop a vote if you liked it. Also put feedback please

Alice’s blabbing time (feel free to skip this)
I had a hard time thinking about whether or not the ninja had internet and if they could search the answer up>_< but…. Then I remembered that there is something called a library. Ugh. Oh well. I think the table is made of marble or something. Also I’m trying to draw Eira but kinda failing….. Oh well.