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I haven’t done this in some time but here I go! This week’s theme was Details. The picture I took was when I was hiking somewhere with my family. This is a close-up of a spider web in a tree trunk. I dunno if this is close enough but this is what I have. If you have any suggestions or tips about taking photos in general, please comment below. I’m starting out in taking photos with an actual camera so I’m kinda new to this. So thanks for looking at this and have a great day!




The Snowy Dreamer – Chapter 2 – Now What?

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Dedicated to my awesome friends who helped me by making decisions when I couldn’t choose between two plots.

Thinking about what she just saw, and jogged back. She looked inside the pitfall trap in disbelief, and there they were, three unconscious people, dressed like ninja, only in different colors. The colors were black, blue, and red and as far as she could tell, they were human.

This was going to be a problem.

Eira was fine with killing the stone warriors and throwing them into the sea, they were just stone statues that came to life. Eira had no problem taking the life from them. But these were people that she was facing!! One of her own kind. She wasn’t heartless enough to fatally injure anyone yet, let alone killing someone.

She pondered what to do while worriedly pacing back and forth around the hole. Meanwhile, the black ninja started stirring and started standing up. He looked around with his dark brown eyes, noting that the other ninja were unconscious and that they were in a pitfall. His wandering gaze finally set on Eira.

“Hey!” He shouted, “Can you please get us out of here?”

Her attention snapped back to him in terror. She blasted him with snow and froze it so that he turned into something was similar to an ice sculpture. “Well, I guess that’s what happens when I panic but I wasn’t expecting that…” She muttered to herself. “Still, this could be the solution to my problem.”

She created a hollow iceberg, that was the size of a bouncy castle. She pointed her finger at the red ninja and, following where her finger was pointing, he slowly levitated through the air, into the iceberg, via a hole at the tip of it.

She was curious as if they were actual humans. She took off the blue one’s hood and yep, a perfectly normal face stared back at her. She replaced his hood and off he went, to the same place that his friend went. Just to be safe.

Now it was time for the black one. She wasn’t quite sure if he was unconscious or not so she didn’t bother to unfreeze him. Eira was a bit careless and accidently bonked the edge of the statue at the opening. She cringed at the sound. “Sorry…” she quietly whispered to him, despite knowing there was absolutely no way that he could’ve heard that. “I should be more careful next time…” she told herself silently.

After that, she decided that she’d better move the iceberg near her small clearing. She would be able to keep an eye out for them easier.To make sure that they don’t suddenly pop out and attack her randomly.

In the pitfall, she noticed that the ninja also had weapons… that were made of gold? Well, she gathered up the weapons, which were a sword, nunchucks, and a scythe and decided to bring them with her in a bag she had brought along for bagging rabbits. “Go free and don’t run into any more minions ok?” She told the rabbits as they scampered off into the wilderness.

She placed the iceberg beside her igloo and set to work burying the weapons. “She controls gold, so I have to bury this… no… I have to freeze this first, then bury this.” Saying this, Eira focused on casing the golden weapons in ice.


“There.” She stood up and surveyed her hard work, there was no gold in sight, and no sign that anyone was digging anywhere. Eira looked up to check the time and sighted a falcon circling overhead, ” That’s strange…” She thought, ” falcons don’t inhabit this area.”

Eira smiled gently as she tried to imitate the falcon call. Surprisingly enough the falcon came down and circled around her head. She laughed,and held an arm for the falcon to perch on. “Hello,” She whispered, “How are you?” But to her horror, a few moments after the falcon landed, the poor bird started twitching like crazy and… sparks?… were flying everywhere.

“Woah, Woah, steady there, are you alright?” Eira said worried as the bird fell. She luckily caught it before it hit the soft grass. As she lowered the bird on the grass, she poked the bird to see if it would react at all. But under the feathers, she felt something cool and smooth.

“Last time I checked birds don’t have smooth hard surfaces underneath the feathers” She muttered under her breath. She parted the feathers and gasped as she saw the shiny surface of iron.

“Bu- But i- it lo- looked so r-real” Eira stuttered disbelieving. But her face then morphed to one of relief. “But at least I can do something about this. After all, it’s a machine.” She quickly ran back to the igloo and crawled into it. She placed the twitching robot on the empty shelf.

“My new project.” She declared proudly, “Operation bird!”

Squares anybody?

Hello everyone thanks for reading the second chapter of this book!! This seemed like a good place to end it anyways. Feel free to drop a vote if you liked it or comment your opinion. Next chapter is gonna be from the ninja’s point of view. Also you can call me Alice. (not my actual name but a name that I really like)

Eira is currently wearing a black cloak so that people can’t see her face.
Just putting that out there.

I am overjoyed right now!!!! 31 people have read this!!!!! Tiny achievement, I know but still, I’m Just happy that people actually read this!

God, I never knew how hard it is to pick a chapter title… Or write one of those short summery thingys in the front of the book… Anyways I actually have a “layout” for this story. It used to be one of those daydreams that you kept on working on and perfecting…

Also another thing, comment down below what point of view do you daydrem as as….. like first person, or third person.

Before I forget, most characters and settings belong to its rightful owners. All characters and stuff are all fictional and if anything matches with anything it is purely a coincidence.

…….. Is there anything else I have to put in?

The Snowy Dreamer – Prolouge

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The stone warriors clattered past the stone cell, destroying two of the bars in the process. The person inside was jolted awake. It was six in the morning and she was tired. She glanced around and shot up. The bars were broken! At that moment, she knew that there was no better chance to escape than now. She slid through the space with ease and tiptoed to the door. Making sure that nobody was on the other side, she gently slid it open.

It creaked loudly as the door swung open. She flinched, expecting people to yell and try to stop her attempted escape. After two seconds, she looked up. There was nobody there, or in fact anywhere nearby. She briefly wondered why and then shook the thought off. Right now she had to concentrate solely on escaping. She hurried to the exit.

Outside, there were some stone warriors milling about. She sighted some boats near the water and thought, “If I can get there, I can escape.” Silently hoping that the guards wouldn’t notice a light blue blob against the black building, she slunk quietly across the wall.

She had no such luck. When she was halfway across, a guard finally noticed her and gave a great big shout. They all started rushing towards her, with the intention of capturing her. She sprinted. As she sprinted, she remembered what she had suffered here.

The way she was treated was like a slave, heck she probably was one. How they took advantage of her elemental powers, and placed that dratted curse on her. She silently arrived at the boats and leaped into one.

Then she knew that she made a mistake. The boats needed a key to start. She silently scolded herself. She glanced over at the guards, who were rapidly approaching. She looked over at the water. It was now or never.

She glanced over at the water and channeled her power at it. The water instantly froze. She ran across the water, her feet freezing the water for a road for her to cross. She knew that the stone guards were too heavy for the ice. Behind her, she heard a satisfying crack.

Welp,” she thought to herself, “I won’t be seeing those knuckleheads for a while.”

She sighted a small island some ways away from her and set her sights there. She had no intention of getting captured again.

“Now…. I just have to reach it and set up a barrier before she notices I’m out of that place”

A/N cause why not

Hey people! Alice here! I’ve decided to move my story from wattpad over to here for no apparent reason. I guess it’s just that I want more people to see it. Feel free to comment any criticism or other things, I don’t really care, I’ll just be too overjoyed that someone took the time to comment in the first place. Peace Out!


The Snowy Dreamer – Chapter 1 – Eira

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She walked in the gusty blizzard, the harsh wind whistling around her and stinging her face. For every step she took, the wind pushed her back two. Through hard work, she steadily made progress. She had to keep going. There was something… someone… somewhere she had to get to. She knew if she met that someone, her memories would come back. There was a shelter, a place to rest, a place to take refuge from the icy wind. But she resisted the temptation because if she went in, she was afraid that she would never come out.

She went past the comforting house, determined to reach her final destination, where ever that was. Determined to know about her family. If she even had one that is. She reached a brick wall, that stretched across the horizon. “Going around it seems impossible.” she thought to herself. “If not around then over.”

She started scaling the brick wall. She made it halfway when she noticed, the edge was further away than she thought…. No matter, she would spend however much time was needed to get over this wall. “Oh really?” a voice slid through the air, startling her. She loosened her grip on the stones, swivelling around, trying to find the source of the voice. She remembered that voice from somewhere, but she couldn’t quite figure out where.

Suddenly, someone shoved her off the wall. She quickly tried to grab hold of something. But it was too late. She was free falling into nothingness. The ground was gone, and so was everything else. She smiled emptily to herself as she fell down into blackness, “At least I won’t give them the satisfaction of hearing me scream…..”

Eira slowly opened her ice blue eyes and looked up at the ceiling of her igloo. Thinking back to the dream, she sighed, “This is the same dream I had yesterday, and the day before………. and for all eternity!! But… it was different this time… I usually collapse into the snow, now I reached a wall…. hopefully it means that things will change for the better.”

Saying this, she got up and looked around. The familiar surroundings greeted her eyes.She had lived here for 2 years already and over that time, she had gathered and built many things. Left of her there were three shelves. Two were filled with all sorts of random gizmos  and the other was empty. Across the shelves was a table littered with gears and other random things. In the middle, there was a worn book. In white lettering, across the cover, there were the words The Prism of Snow.

She walked outside of her igloo and started going for her morning jog around the island, checking her traps for enemies and animals in the process. She brought her staff just in case she was attacked by any minions along the way.

The minions were sent by the Overlord to recapture her. She was somehow pretty important to one of their plans. Whatever the plan was, she had no plan to help whatsoever in it. The minions though were pretty stupid so they usually fall into one of her pitfall traps while they were looking for Eira. She didn’t have to worry that much about it.

She muttered to herself the contents of the traps as she jogged around, “empty……………..empty……………………….minion.. Ugh…………….. rabbit……………. empty……………………unconscious ninja people…………….min-….. Wait what?!!?”

Hi everyone, thanks for reading the first chapter of the story sooo down below I’m going to kinda describe Eira

– platinum blonde hair
-straight, curls slightly inwards at shoulders (like a long bob cut)
-no bangs
-icy blue eyes
-short for her age (13)
-currently wearing a black cloak
Element: Snow? and levitation

Yup so ya… that’s her. You’ll find out why I put a question mark beside snow later. Comment what you think and vote if you liked it. Thanks again for reading!!! It seriously means a lot to me.

Fun fact: Eira means snow in Welsh

Now that I look back at my previous chapters, I see that I didn’t write that much.

Weekly photo challenge

For this weeks photo challenge, the theme was Admiration . So i took a photo of my crush….. Kinda…… I took a photo of his shoes…. Waaaah I’m such a creep *hides in corner*


Ok so let’s call him Leo. Leo is a great person. He has a great sense of humor and is really nice. He’s also pretty cute. I’ve known him for about 4 years and had a crush on him since 3 years…. I’ve been telling my  friends about my situation and realized it was pretty sad. K so. I like him but I’m the type of person who doesn’t flinch or act different when talking to my crush, so he would never actually find out. If he for some crazy reason likes me and confesses to me, I would deny him. Cause what if it was just a prank and I said yes? Then he would know that I like him. And I don’t have the guts to confess to him…. Yet…

*sigh* I’m a hopeless person and a creep.


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